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Product Name: calcium carbide cac2 stone all sizes
CAS No: 75-20-7
Product Type: Inorganic Chemicals -> Inorganic salts
Product spec: Gas Yield: 265L/KG-310L/KG
Packing: 50 or 100kg drum
Post Time: 2020-11-04
Usage: 1)The main raw material for producing acetylene welding gas. 2) Cutting and welding for metal material. 3) To synthesize polyvinyl chloride(PVC). 4) Fruit catalyst. 5) Deoxidization and desulphurization.
Description: Color: Black Grey Brown Gas yield: 265L/KG-310L/KG Place of Origin: Inner Mongolia China Size: 1-7MM,4-15MM,7-15MM,15-25MM,25-50MM,50-80MM,70-100MM,80-120MM MOQ: 22.5T H.S CODE: 28491000 PH3 %(V/V) ≤ 0.032 H2S %(V/V) ≤ 0.015 Quality Standard: JIASHENG QUALITY STANDARD
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